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  • Prepare for your Headshot Photoshoot

  • What to expect during your Headshot Photoshoot

  • What to expect from your Family Portrait Session

  • Prepare for your Family Portrait Session

  • Clothing for your Family Portrait

  • What to expect during Modelling Photoshoot

  • Preparing for your Modelling Photoshoot

  • Prepare for Photoshoot

  • Hair & Makeup


Prepare for your Headshot

The studio offers both dark and light backdrops in addition to outdoor options for less formal portraits.

Bringing both professional and casual apparel gives you more options for your headshot's style. Both business formal and business casual are typically an excellent option.

What to anticipate from your headshot photo session.

Varied backdrops, dark, and light, as already established, provide extremely different looks. The photo shoot is relaxed and shot at a pace that suits you. 

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What to expect from your Family Portrait Session

Children are allowed to explore and be themselves throughout the portrait sessions, letting their own little personalities show through.

If you want an outdoor family photo and the weather cooperates, then I’d highly recommend using a nearby park.

This can be entertaining for children and give your photographs a unique perspective.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any specific requests or inquiries.


Get ready for your family photo session.

Make sure your outfits are coordinated. Using complementary colors, such as all wearing white shirts or earth tones, is essential for the portrait's ultimate appearance. The most common and efficient look is white shirts with denim. This lends itself to both colored and black-and-white portraits.

Bring extra clothes for the youngsters in case they have any mishaps. Make sure your clothes are pressed because creases can be distracting in photos.

Arriving on time will ensure that children are still in good form during the session, especially if there are many grandparents, uncles, and aunts present.

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What to expect during Modelling Photoshoot

Firstly the photographic studios are mobile, I'm based along Irelands Wild Atlantic Way in County Mayo with easy access to the surrounding counties.

Now let’s create a photo shoot to add a great range of images to your modelling portfolio before approaching modelling agencies. Alternatively weather permitting, go outside for the photoshoot and use the awesome Western seaboard as our backdrop.

Your best images are then uploaded to a password-protected gallery from which to view your prints which are then professionally retouched to make them magazine quality.

If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact me with your queries.

​How to get ready for your modelling photo shoot

A successful picture shoot may be achieved with only a little bit of preparation.

Make sure your clothes are ironed because creases might ruin a photo.

If you want to create diverse looks, changing your outfit is necessary. Try to match your cosmetics to them.

Make sure all the little things are perfect, like your eyebrows and fingernails, which will shine out in close-up headshots.

Avoid fake tanning unless it is applied professionally. It usually ends up spotty, which is visible in the photographs.

Bring any suggestions you have for new things to try at the shoot.

Beauty Model

The Shoot

Get ready for the photo shoot

Successful portraiture by a photographer necessitates some before planning.

The results will speak for itself if the right location, attire, accessories, props, and personal objects are chosen to produce the photograph you are after.

Most clients will only need to select their outfit; the photographer will do the rest.

Although the studio provides a few select props to enhance clients' photographs, I usually suggest that clients bring a few of their own belongings to make the portrait more unique and help it tell their own narrative. 

It is advised to bring a change of clothes with you to the portrait session in order to provide diversity.

​Makeup and hair

My customers need to look their best for the photo shoot to be successful.

I would advise getting your makeup done before the photo shoot, unless of course you're trying for a fully natural look.

What to wear for a family photo

It can be as easy as wearing complementing or opposing colours, such as blue and red, yellow and purple, orange and green, etc.

When selecting clothing for the photo shoot, it's also important to consider texture (denim, wool, corduroy), as these fabrics look excellent in black-and-white images. Your portraits' textures will be highlighted by studio lighting, which also creates a stunning three-dimensional look.

Clients can expect spectacular results if they arrange this in advance.

If in doubt, many families prefer the look of white shirts with denim pants.

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